Monday, January 9, 2017

Starship combat in Kill Team

 In the original 40k RPGs from Fantasy Flight, starship combat is covered in the Rogue Trader game.  Like most other things in the FF games, it is overly complex. Here is my adaptation for my 40k Kill Team game.

Initiative = Ship Captain's Command Skill + Ship Detection Bonus
On their turn a ship may make a maneuver action, a firing action, and a number of extended actions.

Maneuver Actions

Get in position to fire weapons
Opposed Pilot + Ship Maneuverability
Failure: Ship may not fire
Success: May Fire one weapon
Greater level of success than opponent: May fire all weapons.

Disengage from Combat  
Must be at double weapon range from enemy.
Pilot + Ship Maneuverability  vs enemy Perception + Ship Detection
More success choose to end combat or continue.

Evasive Maneuvers
Pilot + Ship Maneuverability - 10
Each Level of success is a -10 penalty to shooting vs this ship till it's next turn.
On a crit all shots automatically miss.

Change Range to Target
Opposed Pilot + Ship Maneuverability
Most success chooses to increase or decrease range.

Firing actions

One crew member directs all ship fire
Gunnery Skill  - 10 for long range, +10 for short range.

Macrobattery fire
  • Success = 1hit
  • Under Half Skill = Half the shots of the macrobattery hit. 
  • Special Success = All shots hit
  • Critical = All shots hit through armor. 
  • Subtract the void shields from the number of hits
  • Roll damage for all hits, add it together and subtract armor
Lance fire
  • Success = 1hit
  • Under Half Skill = 2 hits
  • Special Success = All shots hit
  • Critical = All shots hit and score an automatic crit. (Roll 1d5 on crit chart)
  • Subtract the void shields from the number of hits
  • If the void shield have already been hit by macrobatteries during this volley then they are down. 
  • Roll damage for all hits, add it together
  • Lances ignore armor
Torpedo Fire
Roll Gunnery -10 X turret rating of the target ship.
  • Torpedoes with standard guidance grant +20  to hit. 
  •  Torpedoes automatically penetrate void shields.
  • Roll damage and subtract armor. 
  • Torpedoes may be fired in volleys. 
  • Success = 1 torpedo hits.
  • Under Half Skill = Half the torpedoes hit.
  • Special Success = All torpedoes hit.
  • Critical = All torpedoes hit through armor.

 The next entry will cover extended action that can be done by the crew.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Using Reputation in Kill Team

 Reputation is important for the Kill Team. Both the individual characters and the kill team as a whole have a reputation score. The Kill team must maintain their reputation with potential employers, other Kill teams, and their suppliers. The reputation score determines what jobs they are offered, their influence among those groups, and functions as a source of funds. Whenever the Kill team needs to exert their influence or  make a large purchase a skill check is made with the reputation score. Individual characters use their reputation score when making a purchase for themselves or when dealing with their contacts. Reputation is increased when the Kill team successfully completes a job or does something especially noteworthy. 

To make an individual purchase, a character must roll under their reputation score with the following modifiers. A successful roll means the character has acquired one of the item.
Very Rare-30
Extremely Rare-40
Near Unique-50
UniqueGM discretion

The location where the gear is being purchased will also modify the roll. The GM will apply a modifier based on the location. Guns are ubiquitous on a hive world but not so easy to come by on a death world. Having a Peer related to what is being purchased can also help.

 For the Kill team to make a large purchase, such as buying a tank, repair their ship, or hire more crew, use the Kill teams score rather than an individual character's score.The GM will determine if any additional modifiers are needed. If the roll is successful then the Kill Team has made the purchase. In the case of gear, they purchase enough to outfit the entire crew.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Kill Team's Crew

The Kill team managed to pick up a few allies (other criminals) during their liberation (theft) of the Chains of Judgement.

Karnak Zhul
Karnak is a rouge psyker and a mutant. He is both a telepath and telekinetic. In addition his psy-powers, Karnak has the ability to sense the ebb and flow of the warp, similar to a navigator. He was responsible for hacking the stasis pods that imprisoned the kill team. This lead to the evntual capture of the the prison ship, Chains of Judgement. Karnak's sheet is here.

First Mate Biff Carco
Biff was the first mate of a crew of pirates. He was captured by the Inqusition and frozen for transport to a prison world. The Kill team freed him and some of his crew, who assisted in the acquisition of the Chains of Judgement.

Dex 13
HP: 18
Armor: 5
power blade, bolt pistol, shotgun.
Pilot Voidship, Navigate Voidship, Gunnery, Command, Tech-Use, Willpower, Dodge, Endurance, Lore (VoidShips), Lore(Pirates), Lore (Void). 
Pirate combat style: (Primitive, Power, Chain, SP Las, Bolt)
All Other Skills are 30%
Mek-Boy RekWakka
 In desperate need of someone who could repair the ship's failing warp engine, the Kill team awakened RekWakka the Ork from cyro-stasis. The ork took the situation in stride. With a few whacks and some wonky bitz, the drive was quickly repaired. The creature is now the valuable, if somewhat unstable, ship's engineer.

Dex: 15
Shoota, Power Claw.
Athletics, Brawn, Endurance, Intimidate, Perception, Tech-Use, Lore(Ork), Language(Low Gothic,Ork), Demolitions, Trade(Armorer,Shipwright,Technomat)
Career Ability: Wonky Bitz  A Mekboy can temporarily "improve" any piece of tech. Roll Tech-Use. If successful the technology is improved until the end of the current encounter at which point it breaks and must be repaired. Weapons: +10 to hit, +2 to damage, Armor: +2 AP, other tech as appropriate. (Vehicles go faster, Tech works slightly better, etc.)
The rest of the Crew
The Kill team recruited a number of criminals and space pirates who were held in the ship's prisons. Eleven of them survived their liberation.

Dex 13
Armor: 4
LasGun or Shotgun
30% in these skills: Tech-Use, Dodge, Willpower, Endurance, Athletics, and their weapons.
Five of the crew are bullet stoppers and have the basic skills. 
Six of the crew have voidship skills in addition to the crew skills above.  (Voidship Pilot, Gunnery, Tech-use, Navigation.)