Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kill Team Psykers

This is a continuation of my posts about creating a Kill Team campaign. A Kill Team often includes a psyker, namely the Rogue Psyker and Disavowed Adept. Here are the rules for using psykers in a kill team game.

Each Psy discipline (Telekineis, Telepathy, Pyrokinesis, Biomancy, Divination) is it's own skill. All focus power rolls use this skill. There is no bonus or penalty to this roll for using a higher or lower psy rating.

Characters are one of two kinds of psykers: Bound or Unbound. Unbound psykers have not undergone imperial conditioning. Bound psykers have been trained by the Imperium to resist the incursion of warp creatures. When making a focus power test, all psykers suffer a psychic phenomenon on a roll of 90-100. An Unbound psyker adds 10 to the results of the psy phenomenon roll.

 Psykers may push their psy ratings to higher strengths. Unbound psykers can push their psy rating two levels higher. When pushing, a bound psyker causes a psychic phenomenon on a roll of 10-100. Unbound psykers can push their psy rating up to 4 levels higher. They always cause a psy phenomenon when pushing. They must add 5X the level pushed to the psy phenomenon roll.(One level pushed adds 5 to the roll, 4 levels pushed adds 20 to the roll.)

New Psy powers are learned like talents. The character must have the appropriate psy discipline skill and meet the prerequisites for the psy power. the powers must be learned in the order shown in the rulebook for each discipline. Use this conversion guide to convert the prerequisites.
Strength - Strength
Toughness - Endurance
Agility - Athletics
Intelligence - Psyniscience
Perception - Perception
Willpower -Willpower
Psyniscience Rank X - Psyniscince skill of at least Rank X 15

Here is a summary of the psy rules for easy reference.
  • Each Psy discipline is a separate skill. 
  • All focus power attempts are done using this skill. 
  • Psykers may "push" their psy powers to a higher psy rating. Each level pushed costs 1 MP.  
  • The penalty/bonus for using higher or lower psy ratings is ignored.
  • Bound psykers cause a psy phenomenon on a roll on 90 -100 normally or on a 10-100 if pushing. They can push their psy rating two levels. 
  • Unbound psykers cause a psy phenomenon on a roll of 90 -100 normally and always when pushing. They can push their psy rating four levels.
  • Unbound psykers add 10 to all normal psy phenomenon rolls and 5X the level on a pushed roll.
  •  Rogue Psykers are unbound. Disavowed Adepts are bound. 
  • New psi powers are learned using the XP costs and prerequisites listed in the rulebook. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Kill Team Advancement

This article describes how the Kill Team characters advance their skills and talents.

Skill Checks
When a skill is used successfully, the character earns a "check" in the skill.  At the end of the each session the character makes an advancement roll for each checked skill.  Roll D100+INT > the current skill. If successful the skill goes up by 3 otherwise it goes up by 1.

At the end of each adventure the characters will be awarded XP to spend.  It can be spent as follows:

100 xp = Roll an advancement check on any one skill. Only once per skill per adventure.
100xp = Gain a new advanced skill.
200 xp = Gain a new talent.  All talents come from the Dark Heresy 2nd Edition rulebook.
100xp * current stat = raise a stat by 1. Stats cannot be raised past your racial maximum. 
200xp * new psy rating =  Raise your psy rating by one level.
Listed costed = Purchase a new psy power

Gaining Talents
Talents are purchased from the Dark Heresy 2nd edition book. Other talents may be purchased with GM's approval.  Not all the talents will make sense in this conversion. Work with the GM to determine how the Talent should work. The character must meet the prerequisite for the talent. Use the following conversion guide for the prerequisites.

Weapon Skill - Any melee weapon skill
 Ballistic Skill - Any ranged weapon skill
Strength - Strength
Toughness - Endurance
Agility - Athletics
Intelligence - Depends on the talent, usually Tech Use
Perception - Perception
Willpower -Willpower
Fellowship - Deceit or Charm

Friday, March 18, 2016

Post Apocalypse Paladin for DCC

The Brotherhood Paladin
"Steel be with you."
Likes: The Brotherhood, Honor, Hi-tech weaponry
Dislikes: Raiders, mutant monsters, those who attack the Brotherhood.
The Paladins are the defenders of the Brotherhood. They are sent into the wastelands to perform combat operations or escort Scouts and Scribes through hostile territory. Paladins are normally equipped with Power armor and hi-tech weaponry.

This class is adapted from the Paladin in Crawl #6.