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Earthdawn to DCC Part 2 : Spellcasters and Magic

Casting Spells and Spell Matrixes:

Earthdawn is a world of high magic. The people of the past used it unchecked and let the Horrors into this world. Astral Space contains Horrors that can mark, attack, or even take control of a spell caster if they are not careful. Spell casters have created spell matrices to hide their magic from the Horrors of Astral Space. 

Spell Matrix: A spell matrix protects a spell and hides it. A character can spellburn no more than 1+ INT bonus from a matrix spell. Mercurial effects do not activate and Corruption cannot be gained from a spell in a matrix. A spell that is in a matrix is still lost on a failure. 

Spell casters can place a spell in a spell matrix at any time taking 10 mins. If a spell caster doesn’t have a spell they need in a matrix they can attempt to re-attune a matrix on the fly.

Re-attune Matrix on the Fly:  A matrix can be quickly re-attuned to a new spell on the fly.  The caster takes one round, spell burns 1 point and makes a casting check.  If successful he has re-attuned the matrix to new spell.

Casting Raw Magic:  Casting raw magic opens up a spell caster to the Horrors of Astral Space. It is like shooting off a flare on a pitch black night. Raw Magic can be cast at any time. Spellburn can be used  and the Mercurial effect will go off. When casting raw magic, there is a chance that a Horror will take notice of the spell caster.

When Raw magic is cast a Will save and a Fort save must be made (DC 12). If the Will save is failed the chance for corruption is increased as shown in the chart below. (Ex. In a safe area a roll of 1 will give you corruption in an Open area if a 1-6 is rolled on your casting check corruption is gained. ) If the Fort save is failed the spell caster will take damage from the raw magic as shown on the Fort save chart below.  There is also a chance that a Horror will notice the spell drawing them to the caster.  The Horror Mark bonus is the bonus that a Horror will notice the caster.  Ex.  If your in a safe area there is little chance for a horror to notice you  in a Corrupt area it is highly likely that one will notice you.  (DC 15)

Raw Magic Table
Will Save
Corp Bonus

Fort Save
 Fail Dam

Mark Bonus
+ 2
+ 5
+ 10
Spellcasters :

All Spellcasters but wizards gain 1 extra spell and matrix at 1st level. This is to represent their innate ability with magic. Spellcasters choose their starting spells from the list below. All spellcaster progression is the same as a DCC Wizard.  All casters get 2 spell matrices at 1st level and additional at 3rd,5th,7th and 9th.

Wizard :
The Wizard does not have natural affinity with a certain type of magic. Wizards impose their will and knowledge to cast formulaic magic. Wizards have the ability to cast any spell and are not tied to one tradition.

Illusionist : 

Illusionists cast spells that work through deception. However, some Illusionist spells do have real effects. Illusionists learned long ago that if everything they did was an illusion, people
quickly caught on and their magic became less effective. Now they balance real magic, illusions, trickery, and sleight of hand.

1st level spells: Charm person, Color spray, Ekims Mystical Mask, Magic shield, Read magic, Ropework, Sleep,Spider Climb, Ventriloquism , Ward Portal

2nd Level: Detect invisible, ESP,Invisibility, Knock, Levitate, Magic Mouth, Mirror Image, Nythuls Porcupine Cloak, Phantasm, Scare, Scripted Illusion* ,Wizard Staff, Web

3rd Level : Consult spirit, Dispel magic, Fly, Haste, Slow, Turn to stone, Write Magic

4th Level: Polymorph, Transmute Earth

5th Level : Replication
*Page 15 Crawl #6

Nethermancer :

Nethermancers are spellcasters who specialize in the magic of the netherworlds. Their interests focus on other planes, and the spirits and creatures that inhabit those planes. Most people consider Nethermancers to be a little “off” in an eerie sort of way, and consequently followers of this Discipline are unlikely to win many popularity contests.

1st level spells: Chill Touch, Darkness, Detect Magic, Find Familiar, Force Manipulation, Invoke Patron, Magic Missile, Magic shield, Patron Bond, Read magic

2nd Level: Detect Evil, Detect invisible, Invisibility, Invisible Companion, Mirror Image, Monster Summoning, Ray of Enfeeblement, Scare, Wizards Staff

3rd Level : Animate Dead, Binding, Consult spirit, Demon Summoning, Dispel magic, Eldritch Hound, Emrikols Entropic Maelstrom, Paralysis, Planar Step, Transference, Write Magic

4th Level: Wizard Sense

5th Level :  Lokeimons Unerring Hunter, Magic Bulwark, Mind Purge

Nethermancers can turn undead/horror constructs as a cleric of same level.  At 5th level they can attempt to turn horrors.


An Elementalist is a magician who focuses on learning about, and gaining power over, the
five magical elements: air, earth, fire, water, and wood.

1st level spells: Resist Cold or Heat, Chill Touch, Choking Cloud, Enlarge, Detect Magic, Feather Fall,  Find Familiar, Flaming Hands,  Force Manipulation, Invoke Patron, Magic Missile, Magic shield, Mending, Patron Bond, Read magic

2nd Level: Fire Resistance, Invisibility, Invisible Companion, Levitate, Scorching Ray, Shatter, Strength, Wizards Staff

3rd Level : Binding, Consult spirit, Demon Summoning(Elemental)*, Dispel magic, Fire ball, Fly, Gust of Wind, Haste, Lighting Bolt, Slow, Turn to Stone, Water Breathing, Write Magic

4th Level: Cause Earthquake, Control Fire, Control Ice, Transmute Earth, Wizard Sense

5th Level :  Magic Bulwark, Weather Control

*Elementalists can Summon Elementals instead of Demons.

Elementalists can attempt to turn creatures based on the elements as DCC Cleric.

My next post will cover Patrons or Passions as they are called in Earth Dawn.

Monday, August 8, 2016

The Ship

The Chains of Judgement began its life long ago in the forges of Mars. During the Heresy  it became a renegade ship fighting against the Imperium. The destroyer was captured by the Angevin Crusade during a battle for the Calaxis sector. The inquisition acquired the ship and  re-purposed it as a prison barge, one of the infamous Black Ships. Now in the hands of the Kill Team, it has returned to being a renegade.

Havoc Class Raider
Hull Integrity:30 (currently 20)
Turret Rating:1
Space:40 (All used by current equipment.)
Weapons Mounts: 1 Dorsal, 1 Prow
Prow Lance has been destroyed and must be repaired before a weapon can be placed there. 
Mars Patter Macrocannons in the dorsal mount. The ship also has a torpedo launcher. It is currently loaded with 2 boarding torpedoes and 2 plasma torpedoes.
Jovian Class 2 Drive: 45 power 
Other systems: Standard Warp drive, Single Void Shield, Standard Life sustainer and crew quarters, Mark 100 auger array. 
Warpsbane Hull:  As a former Black Ship of the inquisition, the hull of the ship is lined with Hexagramatic wards. +10 to pilot through the warp. May reroll Warp encounters. 
 Machine Spirit: As a former raider ship pressed into service by the inquisition the machine spirit is full of anger.  +1 Speed and +7 Maneuver in combat.  -1 speed -5 to Maneuver and detection out of combat. 
Prison: The main part of the ship has been converted into a prison. There are specialized rooms for storing particular dangerous passengers in cryo-stasis.
Murder Servitors: The ship is equipped with facilities to build and maintain murder servitors.  These give a +20 to boarding actions and when defending against boarding actions. Up to 12 can be can taken off the ship for other missions by a tech priest. 
Destroyed Shuttles: All of the lighters and shuttles have been taken or destroyed. The ship is equipped with  2 boarding torps, and 2 drop pods.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Kill Team Bounty Board

The kill team always has its ear out listening for work and new jobs, working their contacts, listening to secret encrypted sub-space channels, and scanning dark noosphere networks.

Here are the current leads:

An ex-Rogue Trader's Seneschal on Footfall claims to have information that leads to a great treasure ship. The data is for sale to the highest bidder.
The independent world of Skrynne has put put a call for kill team assistance in fighting off an ork invasion. Heavy weapons are a plus.
The first mate, Biff Carco, knows of a derelict ship that his crew were planning to raid 20 years ago. It may still be there. The ship was either Xenos or Archaeotech in design.

The Cold Trade is the very profitable business of smuggling archeotech and xenos artifacts. On hiveworld Desoluem, the imperial authorities are searching for a group of Cold Trade smugglers. If the kill team can find them first, they might be able to "break in" to the business.

On the vortex world of Kymerus, the high priest of the Temple of Lies has sent an Astropathic communique inquiring about hiring your kill team for a specific job.