Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gateway Games in Cincinnati

Well, that was unexpected. The Sun Sword post exploded. I shared it on a few G+ groups and it quickly become my most viewed, and most commented on entry.  I'm even getting traffic from reddit somehow.  I'm rewriting it into a less "copyright infringing" form and adding some more content to it for submission to CUaBM.   Here's hoping it will get published!  If it doesn't I'll post the new write-up here later.

I'm up in Cincinnati this week for work, so while I was here I stopped in to check out Gateway games. I'd heard +Jim Wampler talk about the store on Spellburn! so I figured it must be a cool place.  It most definitely is. I spent most of the time talking to the owner about DCC, Gencon, Gary Con, and North Texas RPG con.  He had TONS of DCC stuff for sale, including every DCC Zine published so far and a few things I thought only existed in PDF.  The stores around my place don't even carry DCC let alone cool stuff like that. I couldn't resist the awesome DCC loot he had for sale so I spent a few dollars. I guess I was in a +Michael Curtis kind of mood.


If you are in the Cincinnati area be sure and stop by to have a look! 


  1. Cool stuff!! When are you planning to some of these modules for us?

    1. As soon as you guys want to play DCC instead of Dark Heresy. ;)