Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Crawlers Companion

Purple Sorcerer GamesI'm home visiting the family this week, I just got back from visiting family, so only a short update today.  +Jon Marr  over at Purple Sorcerer Games is running a fundraiser for the Crawlers Companion.  The Crawlers Companion is an web/android/ios app that has a ton of useful tools for DCC.  I literally could not run DCC without it. The app is 100% free. The fundraiser is to cover hosting and future development.  Jon is offering all kinds of cool stuff as rewards for donating.  If you play or run DCC make sure you check it out!  This was supposed to post three days ago but my blog-fu wasn't working.  You still have a little less than 2 hours to donate though!  If you miss donating make sure you check out the adventures Jon has for sale.  The Sunken City series is a great starting location for any DCC group.

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