Friday, September 12, 2014

Star Wars Edge of the Empire Guide to Starship Combat

This week my regular face to face group continued our Star Wars Edge of the Empire game. The crew got into their first real ship to ship combat.   They have been in combat before, but the first time was against a small cloud car that posed no challenge and the other two times they were running away from an imperial cruiser.  This time it was their YT- 2400 vs a Firespray patrol craft.  In my campaign all ships are named after heavy metal band or songs. The crew's ship is the Queenryche, and the Firespray was called "Fire Woman."   The Firespray didn't last long. It got one good shot in before the 'Ryche blew it out of the sky.

Edge of the Empire has a lot of options for players during ship combat.  The rules aren't complicated but there is a lot to them.  I made this cheat sheet for my players to use.  Here's a link to the pdf if you find it useful for your game.

Guide to Starship Combat
A crew member on a ship may take 1 action and one maneuver per round.   A crew member can suffer 2 strain to take a second maneuver.  
A ship can only perform one Pilot-only maneuver per round.  The ship can suffer two strain to perform a second Pilot Only Maneuver.  Ships cannot perform 3 Pilot Only maneuvers in one round. 
Ranges: Long -> Medium -> Short -> Close 

Maneuvers do not require a skill check unless otherwise noted. 
Pilot Only Maneuvers
Accelerate/Decelerate: Increase or Decrease the ships speed by 1.  

Fly/Drive:  Change the distance between the ship and something else.  This assumes you are dog-fighting other ships or closing on a object.  If you want to run away or pursue another ship see actions below. 
     Speed 1:  Move around close range for 1 maneuver.  Move from short to close or close to short for 2 maneuvers.
     Speed 2-4 :  Move from short to close or close to short for 1 maneuver.   Move from medium to close or close to medium for 2 maneuvers. 
     Speed 5-6:   Move from medium to close or close to medium for 1 maneuver. 
Evasive Maneuvers:  Must be going at least speed 3.  Upgrade the difficulty of attacks on the ship by 1. Also upgrades all attacks made by the ship by 1.  

Stay on Target: Must be going at least speed 3.  Upgrade the skill pool of attacks made by the ship by 1.  Also upgrades all attacks made on the ship by 1.  

Punch It:  Ship immediately goes to max speed.   Ship suffers one strain for each point of speed gained. 

Any Crew Maneuvers
Angle Deflector Shields:  reassign one point of defense from one zone to another. 

Actions always require a skill roll.
Pilot Only Actions
Gain the Advantage:   Roll Piloting. Difficulty based on relative speeds.  Cancels out the penalty of your ships evasive maneuvers and the benefit your targets.   If both ships execute this action it is a competitive check. 

Run Away/Chase Down:  Pilots roll a competitive check against each other.  Difficulty is based on terrain and speed.   Winner closes or moves away based on the results.  The higher your speed the more distance you can close/catch-up.

 Any Crew Actions
Damage Control: Mechanics Check. Difficulty depends on how damaged the ship is. Recover one point of ship strain, one point of hull damage, or attempt to fix a critical hit.  Hull trauma can only be fixed once per battle.  Every 2 extra successes fixes an additional hull trauma or strain.  

Shoot the Guns:   Roll Gunnery.  Difficulty depends on targets speed and size.  

Plot Course: Roll Avg(2) Astrogation or Hard(3) Perception.  Each success removes one setback die from the pilots die pool due to terrain. 

Copilot: Average(2) pilot check.  Each success downgrades the pilots next check by 1 difficulty. 

Jamming:   Average(2) computers check.  Block enemy com system.  On a successful roll, enemy ship must make an Avg computers check to use its comms. Difficulty increases by one for every 2 successes on the jamming roll. An additional target can be affected for each advantage. 

Boost Shields: Hard (3) Mechanics Check.  Boost 1 zones shield by 1 point.  Ship suffers 1 strain.  Lasts a number of rounds equal to the successes rolled.  

Manual Repairs: Hard (3) Athletics Check.  Muscle some starship plating over some ship damage to fix hull trauma or hold a breaker open to help with strain.  Same as damage control otherwise. 

Fire Discipline: Hard(3) Leadership or Disciple check. Grants a boost die to the next character making an attack.  Every 2 success adds the bonus to another character. May spend 3 advantage to add 1 system strain to all damage inflicted by the ship for one round. 

Scan the Enemy: Hard(3) Perception check.   Learn the enemy ships game stats.  2 advantage gives the current system strain and hull trauma.

Slice the Enemy:  Hard (3) computers check Hack the enemy ship.  Success lowers a shield on the target by 1. Last for rounds equal to successes rolled.  Triumph will disable a weapons system.  2 advantage will inflict one strain. 

"Spoof" missiles:  Average(2) Computers or Hard(3) Vigilance  Upgrades the difficulty of all missile attacks on the ship by 1.   Every 2 advantage upgrades the difficulty again.  Last 1 round.  

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