Friday, October 10, 2014

Through Blood and Ice

Through blood and ice, nine brave peons have crawled their way out of +Michael Curtis's Frozen in Time!

Twenty brave souls ventured in to the smoky tunnels.

One fell down the glacier and died before even entering a tunnel.
One was eaten by the bore worms in the tunnels.
One was killed by Robbie the Robot.
One was neatly disintegrated by an exploding blaster rifle.
Three were messily slain by the owl bear.
And the T-Rex ate the last four.

The survivors emerged, changed, no longer hapless peons, but adventurers!

Honor Geldrake - Halfling Burglar
Cedrick the Lame - Paladin
Drake Choasquake - Wizard
Milton Undermount - Dwarven Cleric
Albion Ravensbane - Dwarven Warrior

Joined by their battle hardened henchman:
Seraphim Clashdrake the Herbalist
Rage Lonetalon the Locksmith
Reginald Coloredbritches the Halfling Dyer
Curse Mistbatter the Wainwright

Awesome names provided by the Seventh Sanctum Extreme Fantasy name generator.

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