Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Giveaway Winners!

 Here are the winners! Thanks to everyone who re-shared and re-posted my giveaway!

Crawl Issue #5  - +Jonathan Perkel
Crawl Issue #6 - +Gabriel Meister
Crawl Issue #7 - +Mark Craddock
Crawl Issue #9 - +Christopher Potter

Please email me at rymooreATchannel-zeroDOTnet with your address where you would like the issue shipped and the email address that +Dak Ultimak can send the PDF to.  

Merry Dungeon Crawling Christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Channel Zero Christmas Giveaway

I have a problem. I have a terrible memory.  When I go to gaming conventions I buy lots of cool stuff. Sometimes, I already own the cool stuff I buy. This year at North Texas RPG Con, I bought every issue Crawl Fanzine that I didn't own. Or so I thought. As you can see from the picture above I now have two copies of a few issues.  My bad memory is your gain.  As a Christmas present to the DCC community, I am giving away all my extra copies! Post a comment below for a chance to win a copy of Crawl #5,6 ,7 or 9!  I'll pick 4 random winners on December 23rd.

  • I'll draw the names sometime around 8pm on the 23rd. 
  • International shipping is fine.  DCC needs to be spread around he world!
  • +Dak Ultimak has offered PDFs of each issue as well. Thanks Dak!
  • Thanks to +Erik Tenkar for the repost.  Welcome Tavern Patrons!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Tower of the Black Pearl

Last week, the intrepid reavers of my DCC game finished Tower of the Black Pearl, an excellent adventure by +Harley Stroh and +Daniel Bishop.  Highlights of the game included:
  • The Halfling Burglar scaling the tower, being nearly killed by flying daggers, and falling from the tower.  
  • The Paladin rolling a natural 20 to catch the Halfling and laying on hands to save his life. 
  • The players realizing they couldn't hurt the animated fetishes, catching them in bags and tossing them off the top of the tower.
  • Not one, not two, but three characters, bowing down and swearing fealty to Sezrakan!
  • Some very wet, very angry, animated fetishes blocking their escape path from the flooding tower.
  • Emerging from the tower into a raging hurricane caused by the Wizard's mercurial magic.
The characters managed to escape the tower but their boat did not survive the hurricane.  They have washed up onshore, battered and bruised, far from their home.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Adapting the DCC Core Classes to a Post Apocalypse setting

In my last post about my DCC Thundarr game, I wrote about post-apocalypse archetypes. In this post I'm adapting the DCC core classes. Guns are more common in this setting so all classes are trained in firearms

The warrior needs little adaptation. A warrior can perform Mighty Deeds with firearms: shooting a weapon out of an enemy's hand, shooting them in the kneecap, shooting near a target to distract them, etc.

In the world of Thundarr, Wizards are known as Cyber-sorcerers. Their magic is a result of Super Science! Each wizard has a cyber implant that is the source of their magic.  For example, a wizard might have a cybernetic eye.  Magic Missile would be a laser that fired from the eye.  The eye could scan an item to perform Detect Magic. Patrons alter those that bond with them. The patron may infest the Wizard with nanites or implant a device in their brain. Spellburn and corruption often result in the wizard becoming more machine-like.  (Look for a future entry on PA spellburn and corruption!)

 +Tim Callahan's excellent Technomancer class in Crawljammer #2 expands this idea to an entire class. 

Thieves become Scavengers, digging through ancient ruins (and other people's stuff) looking for artifacts of the lost age. Scavs may backstab with a firearm if the target in unaware. Silent weapons are a Scavs best friend.  Pick Lock, Find Trap, and Disable Trap work on their hi-tech equivalents. Forge Document can create imitation keycards and ID badges to access strongholds of the ancients. A Scav can use the Read Spell from Scroll to use arcane cyber-sorcery from ancient machines.

Fantasy-style gods aren't a good fit for a post apocalypse setting. So where do Clerics get their abilities?  Here are three different ideas.

Techno-Cleric (Law): The cleric's abilities come from Techno-devices.  Lay on Hands is a med-kit.  Turn Unholy is an emitter that drives away certain kinds of creatures. Each spell can be its own item or a combined item. A special environment suit might contain all the cleric's abilities. Disapproval functions as normal, representing the Techno-Clerics need to repair and maintain their gear. Lawful clerics are usually part of an organization working to restore civilization.  (See my Archetypes post for some examples.)

Cultist: (Neutral): The Cultists abilities come from studying the secrets of the Great Old Ones. They are uncaring of their followers. Disapproval means the Cultist has attracted their attention.

Cyber-Priest (Chaos): Cyber-priests are altered by powerful patrons to be their servants. The Cyber-Priests abilities come from nanites, brain implants, genetic modifications, and mutations that their patron has bestowed on them. The Cyber-Hive from issues Two and Four of Crawling Under a Broken Moon is a great example a Cyber-Priest patron. A Cyber-Priest may automatically choose Patron Bond and Invoke Patron as part of their starting spells.

Halflings are a new race of tree dwelling mutants called Minks. Part monkey and part squirrel, they have prehensile tails and live by scavenging among the ruins. Minks employ their prehensile tail when two-weapon fighting.

Elves are a unique race known as Sorcerers. Sorcerers appear human but are either a new race of mutants, aliens from another planet, or dimensional travelers. They employ magic without the need to resort to demonic pacts or super science. Sorcerers never bond patrons or spell burn. As a result, they never suffer from corruption.  A Sorcerer may choose to spell burn or bond with a patron. This removes their immunity to corruption.

The cataclysm that destroyed the world didn't happen overnight.  During the fall, great underground vaults were built. Many survivors retreated below ground. After a thousand years, these "Vault Dwellers" bear little resemblance to their human ancestors. Vault Dwellers can detect hidden caches of technology. Vault Dwellers have a tradition of self defense. They replace sword and board with martial arts. The Vault Dweller may make an martial arts attack with their off head using the rules for shield bashes. They may also choose to forgo the extra attack and instead dodge incoming attacks. This adds their deed die to their AC for one round.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Recent Gaming

This post was supposed to go up a while back. Thanksgiving and illness got in the way, so it's a little late!
This week A few weeks ago, I ran Call of Cthulhu for my regular gaming group. The intrepid Delta Green monster hunters headed to San Antonio to investigate an earthquake. The earthquake was predicted by a madman, who then escaped from police custody. The team did well gathering all the clues and following all the leads. They stumbled a little (argued a lot) when planning the infiltration of the cult. We ended the session with the investigators ready to sneak onto the cultists compound and find out what is going on.  I'm running Delta Green adventure "Aftershock," which is free over at the Delta Green site.

Last week, The week after, I ran Dark Heresy for my online group. I used Tattered Fates, the first adventure of the Haarlock Legacy.  The adventure started with the characters captured and stripped of all their cool techno gear. I thought this would be a neat survival-horror setup. The players would be forced to scavenge and improvise. Unfortunately, the Dark Heresy rules broke down on the side of the road. Again. The final dramatic escape scene ended up taking way too long. No one could hurt anyone with their crappy scavenged guns. I swear if we weren't 5 years into this campaign I'd adapt Dark Heresy to the Call of Cthulhu rules. The adaptation wouldn't even be that hard. The two systems are almost the same in the first place.