Friday, December 12, 2014

Tower of the Black Pearl

Last week, the intrepid reavers of my DCC game finished Tower of the Black Pearl, an excellent adventure by +Harley Stroh and +Daniel Bishop.  Highlights of the game included:
  • The Halfling Burglar scaling the tower, being nearly killed by flying daggers, and falling from the tower.  
  • The Paladin rolling a natural 20 to catch the Halfling and laying on hands to save his life. 
  • The players realizing they couldn't hurt the animated fetishes, catching them in bags and tossing them off the top of the tower.
  • Not one, not two, but three characters, bowing down and swearing fealty to Sezrakan!
  • Some very wet, very angry, animated fetishes blocking their escape path from the flooding tower.
  • Emerging from the tower into a raging hurricane caused by the Wizard's mercurial magic.
The characters managed to escape the tower but their boat did not survive the hurricane.  They have washed up onshore, battered and bruised, far from their home.

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