Friday, January 16, 2015

Thundarr DCC Characters Part 2

Here is the second set of characters for my DCC Thundarr game I'll be running at North Texas RPG Con. This week is the the Morrow Project sleeper, the Vault Dweller, and The Brotherhood scout and scholar.  The Morrow Project sleeper is an adaptation of the Cleric class, replacing divine power with technology.  To handle disapproval, I adapted the the Deity Disapproval table from the DCC core book into a "Technology Breakdown" chart.  There's only one character left, the Road Warrior.  I'll put that one up in conjunction with the release of Crawling Under a Broken Moon #6.   Rumor has that it's all about  wasteland vehicles!

Technology Breakdown

1 - Minor glitch. Must perform 10 minutes of maintenance as soon as possible.
2 - Major glitch. Must perform one hour of maintenance within the next 2 hours or suffer -1 to all Tech Use checks.
3- Crisis of confidence.  Must recruit one new member to their cause or suffer -1 penalty for 24

4-  Minor breakdown. -1 penalty to all Use Tech check for 24 hours.
5- "Hold these two wires together." The character may not use any of their technological gadgets without assistance from another character.  The other character may do nothing but assist. This last for 24 hours.
6 - Medical system breakdown.  -1 to all healing checks until the character finds the proper parts to repair the healing devices.
7- Improper hygiene maintenance results in the character catching a disease.  Loses 1 point from STR, AGI, and STM.  The disease cannot be cured by normal means and lasts 1d8 days.
8 - You broke it. -4 penalty on the device that resulted in the breakdown for the next 24 hours.
9 - System wide failure. -2 penalty to all Tech Use check for 24 hours.
10 - Feedback loop. One randomly determined device stops functioning for 24 hours.

11 - Intensive maintenance is required.  -2 penalty to all Tech Use rolls until the character spends one full day doing maintenance and succeeds in a DC 15 Will save.
12 - Your devices are multifunction require tweaking for the rest of the day.  You gain no xp for the while this occurs.
13 - Two randomly determined devices cease to function for 24 hours.
14 - New parts required. -4 penalty to all Tech Use checks. Calculate the character's total net worth. The character must spend 40% of their net worth on new parts. For each 10% spent reduce the penalty by 1.
15 - Routine maintenance has no effect today. The character's breakdown number does not reset until the next day.
16 - Medical unit breakdown. The character's medical unit requires 1d4 days of maintenance before it will function again.
17 - Major system wide failure. 1d4+1 devices cease to function for 24 hours.
18 - The neural disruptor unit has failed. 1d4 days of maintenance are required to repair it.
19 - Bio-feeback in the device permanently marks the character in some way.
20 - Medical unit malfunctioning.  May only be used once per day per person.  After 24 hours routine maintenance returns the unit to normal.

Morrow Project Sleeper

Vault Dweller
Brotherhood Scout
Brotherhood Scholar


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    1. Thanks! It's pretty close to the chart in the rulebook but I wanted something more "tech" and less "deity."