Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 40k Games Days

This is it. The weekend where I host what amounts to our very own private gaming con at my house.   The festivities begin this Friday with my DCC Thundarr game and continue into the night and all weekend.

The 2015 Army Lists

Echris's Space Marines -   We flew across the universe in our cathedral sized spaceship to hit you with a chainsaw sword. And shoot full auto rocket launchers.

Grady's Chaos Marines - We got tired of the Emperor's BS.

Eric's Dark Eldar -  Grim Dark space elves who read 50 Shades of Grey WAY too much.

Marc's Imperial Allies -  Blood Angels, Grey Knights, and Inquisition! Oh My!

Steven's Tau - Commies in SPAAAAAACCCCCCCE!

Furb's Chaos Marines -  Also tired of the Emperor's BS but with MORE spiky bitz!

Grant's Chaos Demons -  Incomprehensible space gods from another dimension who have come here to hit you with an axe.



Tourney Mission Pack

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