Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Post Apocalypse Adventures for DCC

For my Thundarr campaign I use all kinds of sources for adventures.  +Tim Snider released the final version of his Thundarr setting for Mutant Future last week. (For Free!) His book includes a number of adventures set in Thundarr's world. Tim's other books, One Year in the Savage Afterworld, the Deviant Database, and the Deviant Database 2.0 are also invaluable when running a PA game. My favorite is One Year. It's a post-apocalyptic "Book of Lairs." A little conversion work is needed to use them with DCC. +Jeremy Deram's DCC Monster Helper  is a good place to start when converting from Mutant Future to DCC.

Crawling under a Broken Moon is my go-to resource for DCC post apocalypse games. For adventures, Issue #2 has an adventure centered around the Cyber Hive. Issue #3 has a funnel for zero-level characters.

The Crawljammer zine is also an excellent source of material for a science fantasy game.  Almost every issue has an adventure or adventure seed. 

There are a number of adventures written for DCC that include science fantasy elements.  Frozen in Time and Peril on the Purple Planet can both be used in a PA setting. If you like re-skinning adventures, almost any of the published DCC adventures can be used. I plan to use The Emerald Enchanter and the Pulp Weird Encounters in my PA game.

Going back to the D&D 3.5 DCC adventures, DCC #36 Talons of the Horned King and DCC #50 Vault of the Iron Overlord have science fantasy elements. Both couild be adapted to a PA setting.  +Daniel Bishop wrote a great article on how he converts the older DCC adventures to DCC RPG.

Paizo published an entire science fantasy style adventure path for the Pathfinder RPG called Iron Gods. With some conversion work, these could be a great set of adventures for a post apocalyptic campaign. I plan to do a review of the entire adventure path in the future. In my quick read-thru, I noticed that they reference a lot of other published Pathfinder books like the Technology Guide and the Pathfinder Bestiaries.  Without those books the adventures take a little extra conversion work. I can't fault Paizo for their support of the adventure path though. There are flip mats, counters, and even novels that tie-in to the setting. 

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