Saturday, May 30, 2015

North Texas RPG Con 2015

This Wednesday, I head to my third North Texas RPG con. I first heard of the con back in 2011.  I think there was a flyer for it at my FLGS. (Gen-x in Bedford, TX) I wanted to attend, but my daughter had been born in April and I couldn't manage it. In 2012, I stopped by on Saturday and looked around. The convention was so cool I vowed to come back next year for the whole weekend.

Every year the con inspires me to do something new. In 2013, I found Swords and Wizardry and haven't looked back since. In 2014, I re-discovered my love of DCC and post-apocalypse games, which inspired me to start this blog. This year I'm taking the plunge and running a game at the convention. 

Here's my schedule for this year, if you see me, flag me down and say hi!

Wednesday night - Hanging out in the bar and maybe some open gaming.
Thursday Morning - Shopping!  And some open gaming
Thursday Evening - DCC with +Michael Curtis.
Friday Morning - DCC with +Edgar Johnson.
Friday Night - AD&D with +Allan Grohe.
Saturday Morning - My Post-apocalyspe DCC game. (2 spots left!)
Saturday Night - AD&D with +Jon Hershberger.
Sunday Morning - The Strange RPG. I want to try out the Cypher system.

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