Sunday, August 23, 2015

RPGaDay Days 22 - 24

Day 22 - Perfect Gaming Environment  I love to run games, so anywhere is the perfect place. My game room at home gets the most use and I also run games at conventions. I even ran one game at a very loud bar at Gencon this year.  I'd have to say that was less that perfect but still a blast. At Dragoncon last year we made a makeshift table out of costume bins and played in the hallway. Anywhere everyone is having fun is the perfect place.

Day 23 - Perfect Game for Me. I'm not sure there is any one perfect game for me. I hack, modify and house rule any game I run. I like that DCC can be adapted to almost any setting. I like that Swords and Wizardry lets me  make my own version of D&D. I like that I can use the BRP rules for other published settings. The perfect game for me? Anyone that I can change.

Day 24- Favorite House Rule  What just one? As I said above I hack and modify almost everything I run. Check out my Swords and Wizardry house rules, Dark Heresy house rules, Edge of the Empire Starship combat, or heck my whole Thundarr campaign. I think it's safe to say I'm a fan of house rules. I use my nifty hit location die in all my games.

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