Monday, August 31, 2015

#RPGaDay Days 28 - 31

Day 28-Favorite game you no longer play. I love weird west settings. Deadlands, with its combination of old west, steampunk, magic, and Cthulhu is just about perfect. I played Savage Deadlands at Gencon this year. Playing again reminded me how cool the setting is. I've run 3 campaigns using classic Deadlands. I've been meaning to start a new one using the Savage Worlds version for a while. There's so many good games and so little time.

Day 29-Favorite RPG Website/Blog I read a lot of blogs. I mean A LOT.  Dispatches from Kickassistan is the only blog that I keep up with that I went back and read all the old entries as well. It's a fine piece of work written by blogger, podcaster, and zine author +Adam Muszkiewicz. Highly recommended.

Day 30-Favorite RPG Playing Celebrity Felicia Day is the new media mogul behind the Guild and Geek and Sundry. She's also a roleplayer, and not just from video games. Geek and Sundry could easily leave out the niche of RPGs and concentrate and things with much larger audiences, but they don't. They even had their own booth at Gencon this year right next to Green Ronin.

Day 31 Favorite Non-RPG thing to come out of RPGing. What I'm doing right now, connecting with the RPG community. I've been playing RPGs since I was 10 years old. Only recently did I start participating in the RPG community by blogging, going to conventions, chatting with folks online and writing original content. It all started with NTRPGcon, then this year I took the plunge and went to Gencon. Next year I'm headed to GaryCon. I can't wait!

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