Saturday, August 29, 2015

The War Rig for DCC

The War Rig
 Custom built truck/trailer

 Init 0; Atk rundown +7 melee (2d12+Ram); AC 20; HD 9d16 Cab, 9d10 for trailer ; Speed Level cruise 4/ max 6; Act 1d20; SV Fort +6, Ref -3, Will NA.Fuel Tank 1d30; Guzzle 8.

Basic Traits: Power Hauler, Extra Cargo x80 (Trailer has up to four traits of its own)
Additional Traits: Armored; Big Tank, Nitrous tank, Ram plate, Rugged

Reserve Tank: If the reserve tank is attached the War Rig's cruise and max speed drop by one but it gains an extra 1d8 fuel tank.

Defenders perch: The War rig has two armored perches for defenders on the front and rear of the trailer. Anyone in the perches receives the full benefit of the War Rig's AC.

A War Rig gains additional abilities when driven by a Petrol Head.
Kill Switch: A Petrol Head may set the kill switch so only those knowing the proper procedure can run the War Rig.
Tough as Nails:A Petrol Head may burn luck to keep the War Rig moving after it has dropped to zero hp. The luck must be burnt every time the War Rig is hit after it drops to zero hp. As soon as the battle is over the War Rig must stop and be repaired.
Weapons Stash:There are small knives and guns hidden everywhere on the War Rig. A Petrol head may burn a point of luck to acquire either a knife or small firearm.

Petrol Heads and Vehicle rules can be found in Crawling Under a Broken Moon issue #6.

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