Monday, December 14, 2015

40k Kill Team Part 3 Human Stats and Backgrounds

I finally got around to adding more to my Kill Team campaign. Here are the stats and backgrounds for humans. I decided to go with standard RQ stats rather than the D100 based stats that Cthulhu 7th Edition uses. Up next is the stats and backgrounds for Xenos and Space Marines.

Str: 3d6
Con: 3d6
Siz: 2d6+6

Death World
Stats: +1 Str, +1 Con, -1 Pow, -1 Cha
Common Skills: Athletics, Brawn, Endurance, First Aid, Perception, Stealth, Track, Survival, Lore(Imperium), Lore(Death Worlds), Language(Low Gothic,) Navigate(Surface)
Weapon Style: Death Worlder (Primitive Melee, All SP)
Talents: Choose Jaded or Resist(Posions)
Fate Points:3

Void Born
Stats: -1 Str, +1 Pow
Skills:Athletics, Deception, Dodge, Navigate(Void,) Pilot(Void,) Lore(Void Ships,) Lore(Void,) Language(Ship Dialect,Low Gothic, High Gothic), Tech-Use
Weapon Style: Void Born (Las:Basic, Pistol; SP: Basic,Pistol)
Special: +10 Luck
Fate Points:3
Forge World
Stats: +1 Int, +1 to any one stat
Skills: Charm, Inquiry, Medicae, Language (High Gothic,) Lore(Tech, Machine Cult, Adeptus Mechanicus,Forge Worlds), Pilot(Surface) Tech Use, Willpower
Weapon Style: Forge World (Las:Basic, Pistol; Melee:Chain)
Talents: Tech Knock
Fate Points:3

Hive World
Stats: +1 Con, +1 Cha
Skills: Dodge, Deception, Intimidate, Commerce, Endurance, Lang(Low Gothic, High Gothic, Hive), Lore( Imperium,) Perception, Stealth, Tech-Use
Weapon Style: Hive World (Las:Basic, Pistol; SP:Basic, Pistol, Unarmed)
Fate Points:4

Imperial Colony
Stats: +1 Pow
Skills: Dodge, Endurance, First Aid, Lang(Low Gothic, High Gothic,) Lore( Imperium,War,) Navigate (Surface), Perception, Pilot(Surface), Trade(Choose One)
Weapon Style: Imperial (Las:Basic, Pistol; SP:Basic, Pistol, Melee:Primitive)
Fate Points:4

Stats: -1 Pow, +1 Cha
Skills: Commerce, Deceit, Charm, Command, Lang(Low Gothic, High Gothic,) Lore( Imperium,War, Nobility,) Willpower
Talents: Peer(Nobility,) Peer (Choose one)
Weapon Style: Imperial (Las:Basic, Pistol; Plasma:Basic, Pistol; Melee:Primitive,Power)
Special: A noble adds +3 to the starting profit factor of their Kill Team.
Fate Points:3

Vortex World
Stats: +1 Pow, +1 Con
Skills: Deceit, Dodge, Endurance,  Lang(Low Gothic,) Lore( Imperium,War, Occult, Chaos Cults,  The Vortex,) Perception, Stealth
Talents: The Quick and the Dead (+2 Initiative)
Weapon Style: Vortex (Las:Basic, Pistol; Bolt:Basic, Pistol; Melee:Primitive)
Fate Points:3

Warrant-less Rogue Trader, Pirate, Unsanctioned Psyker, HereTek, Mercenary, Fallen Astropath, Rogue Navigator, Chaos Cultist, Recidivist, Bounty Hunter, Disavowed Adept, Assassin, Gunslinger

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