Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kill Team Campaign part 5 Kroot and Orks

Here are the two Xenos races that are available to play in Kill Team. Kroot and Orks are often found as members of Kill Teams. Both are warrior races that seek out the deadly life of a mercenary. I also considered Tau and Dark Eldar characters. Those races are both problematic though and would require a lot more work. If one of the players REALLY wants to be one of those two races I may work something up.


Str: 3d6
Con: 3d6
Siz: 2d6+6
Dex: 2d6+6
Int: 2d6+6
Pow: 3d6
Cha: 3d6

Common Skills: Athletics, Brawn, Endurance, Perception, Stealth, Track, Survival, Lore(Kroot), Lore(Tau), Language(Low Gothic,Kroot), Navigate(Surface)
Weapon Style: Kroot (Primitive Melee, Kroot Weapons, Tau Weapons)
Talents: Heightened Senses (Sight/Hearing)
Fate Points:3
Special: Eaters of the Dead - Kroot may consume the flesh of the dead to gain 3 temporary wounds.
Careers: Mercenary, Gunslinger, Pirate, Recidivist, Assassin.
Kroot start the game with a Kroot rifle in addition to any gear provided by their career.

Siz: 2d6+6
Dex: 3d6
Int: 3d6
Pow: 3d6
Cha: 3d6

Common Skills: Athletics, Brawn, Endurance, Intimidate, Perception, Tech-Use, Lore(Ork). Language(Low Gothic,Ork)
Weapon Style: Ork (Primitive Melee, Ork Weapons)
Talents: Iron Jaw, Hardy, Brutal Charge
Fate Points:2
Special: Ork Technology is not Unreliable when used by an Ork. Orks add 1d6 to their starting wounds.
Careers: Freebooter, Kommando, MekBoy, Mercenary, Gunslinger, Pirate.
Orks start the game with either a shoota or a slugga in addition to any gear provided by their career.
Note: Orks are never psykers. Human Psykers sense all orks as psychic. The only true ork psyker is a WeirdBoy and no one wants one of those around.

Ork Careers 
Freebooters are the Ork equivalent of a Rogue Trader. They gather together small warbands, steal a ship, and go off in search of loot. They fit right in with Kill Teams. Freebooterz are more cosmopolitan than most of the 'boyz and often interact with other races. Their Low Gothic is surprisingly good.
Skills:Commerce, Intimidation, Endurance, Command, Pilot (Void), Gunnery, Lore(War), Language(Low Gothic)
Weapon Style: Ork (Primitive Melee, Ork Weapons), Freebooter(SP, Power, Bolt), Two Weapon
Talents: Peer (Ork Warbands)
Career Ability: +10 to reputation rolls when seeking out mercenaries or weapons.
Gear:Choppa or Big Choppa, Bolt Pistol, Ork Voidsuit, 'Eavy Armor (5 pts all locations but head), Nifty Pirate Hat (1 AP), Pet Squig

Mekboys are gifted with the genetic knowledge of building and repairing technology. Being smarter than the average ork they often leave their warband and seek out adventure in the void.

Skills:Commerce, Demolitions, Logic, Lore(Xenos),Tech-Use,Trade(Armorer,Shipwright,Technomat)
Weapon Style: Ork (Primitive Melee, Ork Weapons), Mekboy(Las,Plasma,Power,Chain), Two Weapon, Heavy Weapons
Talents: Peer (Ork Warbands,Hereteks)
Career Ability: Wonky Bitz:  A Mekboy can temporarily "improve" any piece of tech. Roll Tech-Use. If successful the technology is improved until the end of the current encounter at which point it breaks and must be repaired. Weapons: +10 to hit, +2 to damage, Armor: +2 AP, other tech as appropriate. (Vehicles go faster, Tech works slightly better, etc.) 
Gear:Choose 2: Plasma Pistol, Chain Axe, Deffgun, or a Burna. Orky Armor (4 pts all locations), Meks Tools.

Kommandos break the ork stereotype of being loud, bestial berserkers. They prefer to sneak up on their enemies and eliminate them silently, or stick bombs on them, cause it's really funny. 
Skills: Stealth, Deceit, Demolitions, Lore(Xenos), Security, Survival
Weapon Style: Ork (Primitive Melee, Ork Weapons), Kommando(SP, Bolt,Power,Chain), Two Weapon
Career Ability: Ded Sneaky:  A enemy attacked in melee by an hidden Kommando must make a Willpower test or be unable to act for one round.
Gear: Silenced Slugga, Mono-Sword, Night Vision goggles, 4 Ork Stikk Bombs. Sneaky Armor (3 points all locations)