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Kill Team Part 6 General Careers

Here is the general career list for Kill Team Characters.

Possibly a former member of the Officio Assassinorium, but also freelance killers. 
Skills:Athletics, Deceit, Dodge, Interrogation, Lore(Underworld), Language(Low Gothic), Language(High Gothic), Perception, Stealth, Willpower
Weapon Style: Assassin (All Melee, Las,SP, Unarmed ), Two Weapon
Talents: Peer (Assassins)
Career Ability:  Chosen Weapon:An assassin chooses one weapon. This weapon gain +10% to hit +2 to damage and +2 to initiative.
Gear: Choose either melee or sniper.
Sniper: Sniper Rifle or Long Las, Carapace Armor, bolt pistol
Melee: Armored body glove, mono-edged sword, hell pistol. 

Bounty Hunter
Sometimes they are Ex-Arbites looking to continue their trade. More often they are simply hunters of men. 
Skills: Dodge, Endurance, Intimidation, Interrogation, Inquiry,  Lore(Imperial Law), Language(Low Gothic), Navigate(Surface), Perception, Pilot(surface), Security, Tech-Use 
Weapon Style: Bounty Hunter (Primitive, Shock, Las, Bolt )
Talents: Peer (Law Enforcement)
Career Ability: Grim determination: Bounty Hunters can choose to automatically succeed at an Interrogation or Inquiry roll once per session. 
Gear: Shock Maul, Hellgun or boltgun, Enforcer Carapace Armor, hell pistol or bolt pistol

Chaos Cultists
Rebels against a totalitarian regime or depraved cultists? The kill teams aren't picky about who stops bullets.  
Skills: Athletics, Dodge, Language(Low Gothic), Lore(Tactics), Lore(War), Lore(Chaos Cults), Pilot(choose surface or air), Survival, Stealth, Willpower
Weapon Style: Cultist (Primitive, Chain, Las, SP, Bolt, Flame ), Heavy
Talents: Peer (Chaos Cults)
Career Ability: Crazed Will: Cultists can re-roll a failed sanity or willpower test.  
Gear: Carapace Armor, Choose any 3: Chain sword, Bolt gun, Bolt Pistol, Hvy Flamer, Chain Axe, Hellgun, Hell Pistol.

Disavowed Adept
Service to the Inquisition is brutal and many fall by the wayside. Some are cut from the fold purposely. The kill teams put them to good use.
Skills: Athletics, Dodge, Endurance, Language(Low Gothic), Lore(Forbidden Knowledge), Lore(Inquisition), Inquiry, Perception, Willpower, any one other skill
Weapon Style: Adept (Primitive, Las, SP, Bolt, Flame )
Talents: Peer (Inquisition)
Career Ability: I know too much:Adepts gain the Forbidden Knowledge skill.
Psyker: The adept may also choose to spend 50 of their starting points to be a psyker.  they being the game with the psyniscience skill, one disciple skill, and twp powers.
Gear: Piecemeal Armor(H:6 C:6 A/L:4) Choose any 3: Mono-sword,  Bolt Pistol, Flamer,  Hellgun, Hell Pistol, Hand Cannon.

The quick and the dead.
Skills:  Dodge, Intimidation, First Aid, Language(Low Gothic), Lore(Weapons), Perception, Security, Willpower, any one other skill
Weapon Style: Gunslinger (All Pistols), Two Weapon.
Talents: Peer (Mercenaries), Quick Draw
Career Ability: Deadeye Shot:Gunslingers may re-roll a missed pistol shot.  Once per session a gunslinger can choose to go first.
Gear: 4 AP clothing. Choose 2 of the following: 2 Dueling Las, 2 Bolt Pistols,  2 hell pistols, 2 hand cannons. One pair of pistols can be swapped for an inferno pistol or plasma pistol.

 The outlaws of Dark Mechanicus have many reasons to join a kill team. Maybe they just got fed up with all the chanting.
Skills:  Willpower, Deceit, First Aid, Language(High Gothic), Lore(Forbidden Tech),Lore(Xenos Tech),  Medicae, Security, Tech-Use, 1 Trade Skill.
Weapon Style: Heretek (Primitive, Chain, Power, Las, Flame), Plasma, Melta
Talents: Peer (Hereteks),
Career Ability: Scrapcode: A heretic can infect a servitor or cybernetic creation with scrapcode and take control of it. The scrap code also gives the Heretek a +10 when breaking into a secure system.
Gear: Light Carapace Armor, Mechanicus implants, 2 cybernetic implants, Hellgun, Power Axe or Mono Great Axe.
 Ex-Gaurdsman and professional killers make up the bulk of kill team squads.
Skills:  Athletics, Brawn, Dodge, Endurance, First Aid, Language(Low Gothic), Lore(War),Perception.
Choose 1 specialty:
Grunt: Survival, Navigate(Surface), 
Sergeant: Command, Intimidation, Add Power to the Merc weapon style.
Heavy: Add Heavy and Launcher to the Merc weapon style.
Specialist: Add Plasma and Melta to the Merc weapon style.
Operator: Pilot(Ground), Gunnery
Sniper: Stealth, Survival 
Weapon Style: Merc (Primitive, Chain, Power, Las, Flame, Bolt)
Talents: Peer (Mercenaries), Peer (Kill Teams)
Career Ability: First Rank Fire! Second Rank Fire!: Mercenaries can fire their trusty lasguns twice a round with no penalty.
Gear: Carapace Armor, Hellpistol Choose one: Hellgun, Long Las, Hvy Bolter, Plasma Gun, Melta Gun, Power Sword, flamer, bolter. 

Pretty much what you call the crew of any kill team ship in the first place.
Skills: Charm, Dodge, Language(Voidborn), Language(Low Gothic), Lore(Voidships), Lore(Void), Navigate(Stellar), Pilot(Air), Pilot(Voidship), Gunnery, Tech-Use, Choose any 1 other skill.
Weapon Style: Pirate (Primitive, Power, Chain, SP Las, Bolt)
Talents: Peer (Mercenaries), Peer (Kill Teams)
Career Ability: Shipmaster: Pirates can re-roll any failed Pilot(Voidship), Navigate(Stellar), or Gunnery tests.
Gear: 5 AP void suit, power blade, bolt pistol, shotgun.

Rogue Navigator
It is not unheard of for a navigator to leave their house willingly. More often though these navigators are survivors of the infighting between the navigator houses.
Skills: Dodge, Language(Voidborn), Language(Low Gothic), Lore(Warp), Lore(Void), Navigate(Warp), Command, Tech-Use, Choose any 1 other skill.
Weapon Style: Navigator (All pistols)
Talents: Peer (Navigators), Peer (Rogue Traders)
Career Ability: Warp Eye: Gain two navigator powers. Each power is it's own skill.
Rogue Navigators are always considered to be from a Renegade house.
Gear: xeno mesh armor, hand cannon, hellpistol

The underhives provide a ripe breeding ground for just the right kind of people for a kill team.
Skills: Dodge, Brawn, Athletics, Deceit, Perception, Stealth, Security, Commerce, Language(Low Gothic), Lore(Hive Worlds), Lore(Underworld)
Weapon Style: Recidivist (primitive, chain, las, bolt, SP )
Talents: Peer (Hive Gangs)
Career Ability: Cheap Shot: Recidivist double their chance to crit when attacking from surprise. 
Gear: gang leathers (ap 4),mono-knife. Choose 2:  hand cannon, hellpistol, bolt pistol, shotgun, bolt gun, bolter, hellgun, chainsword.

Rogue Psyker
Anything is better than the black ships.
Skills: Dodge, Deceive, Perception, Psyniscience, Language(Low Gothic), Lore(Psykers),Willpower
Weapon Style: Psyker (primitive, Las, SP )
Talents: Peer (Psykers)
Career Ability: Psyker: Begin the game with Psyniscince, two psi-disciplines, and two powers per discipline. 
Gear: flak coat,psy focus, Choose 2:  hellpistol, hand cannon, mono-sword, neural whip, auto gun.
Warrantless Rogue Trader
With access to a ship and money, a warrant less scion often founds a kill team rather than join one. 
Skills: Deceive, Charm, Command, Commerce, Willpower Language(Low Gothic, High Gothic, Void born), Lore(Void), Lore(Imperium), Tech-Us, Pilot(Voidship)
Weapon Style: Rogue Trader (all pistols and melee )
Talents: Peer (Rogue Traders)
Career Ability: Natural Leader: The rogue trader can grant a +10% bonus tp the crew skill when commanding them.  A group with a rogue trader also receives bonus ship points.
Gear: Enforcer carapace, plasma pistol, bolt pistol, power sword. 

Create your own career.
Choose 5 skills, 1 lore, and 1 language.
Base weapon style is (Primitive, Las, SP)
Choose 1 and add it to your base weapon style: Bolt, Chain, Shock, Flame.
Choose 1 as a second skill: two weapon, melta, plasma, heavy, power
Select a career skill from one of the other careers or work with the GM to create your own.

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Grim Dark Future Peons

Oldhammer has been on my mind lately. I started thinking about a "Grimdark future" DCC funnel. Then this happened. Shamelessly adapted (stolen) from a few places including WHFRP 1E.  I meant to fill it out to 100 but I realized that was never going to happen.  You guys can figure out how to roll a d43 right? UPDATE!  Thanks to +Doug Kovacs +Paul Wolfe and +Eric Betts there are now 50!

2ChymistKnifelotions and ungents
3Band memberknifeguitar, drums, or microphone
4Scrimshaw artistKnifecarving tools
5Tour guideclublocal maps
6Shuttle pilotlas pistolvoid suit AC 14
7Bounty Huntershock stickbinders
8Driverpistolramshackle ground car
9Imperial cultistweighty aquila (staff)imperial creed
10Squat Engineerlasguntools
11Beggarpointed stickrags
12Bodyguardhand cannonAC 12 vest
13Spaceport workerclubcomlink
14Security guardshock stickriot shield +1 AC
15MercenaryChainswordAc 12 vest
16Gaurdsmanlas rifleguard armor AC14
17Noblelas gun 2d10 thrones
18Tithe collectorshock clubcollections book
19Hive ganger1d4 knivesgang colors
20Gamblerholdout lascards and dice
21Necroteksharp knivessurgical tools
22Hypnotistknifesilver charm
23Voidship crewshotgunvoid suit AC14
24Recidivist2 pistolssecurity bypass kit
25Battlefleet scoutlaspistolvoid suit AC14
26Traderrevolverself propelled wagon
27Arena Fighterspiked steel knucklesfighitng harness
28SpeculatorhandgunRare mineral detection gear
29Thugclubdecorative chains
30Con Artistknifefake coins, "contracts"
31Vermin Catcherclubsmall vicios cyberdog
32Marshallhand cannonbadge, binders
33Imperial Adeptknifedataslate
34Bound Psykerknifeexplosive collar
35ServantknifeNoble house livery
36Rogue Trader Crewlasgungaudy outfit
37Imperial Officerchainswordofficer's outfit
38Tech Initiatelas pistoldatajack
39Tech Hunterlas gun glowglobes
40Squat Xenos slayerlarge bore shotgunorange mowak
41City Gaurdhandguncomlink
42Inqusition adeptlasgunbook of forbidden lore
43Sewer cleanerburnergas mask
44Squat Sewar Guideshotgunrubber hip waders
45Escape Slaveshivmanacles
46Gridless Illegal 7th childhand cannonillegal id
47Warpvoid Cursed Cleaningbotcorrosive spray bottlemop
48Sineater Penitenthymnalrobes
49Business Analyst to the Starslazpistoldataslate
50Doomed Rock Chokerthrowing rocksloincloth

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