Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kill Team Psykers

This is a continuation of my posts about creating a Kill Team campaign. A Kill Team often includes a psyker, namely the Rogue Psyker and Disavowed Adept. Here are the rules for using psykers in a kill team game.

Each Psy discipline (Telekineis, Telepathy, Pyrokinesis, Biomancy, Divination) is it's own skill. All focus power rolls use this skill. There is no bonus or penalty to this roll for using a higher or lower psy rating.

Characters are one of two kinds of psykers: Bound or Unbound. Unbound psykers have not undergone imperial conditioning. Bound psykers have been trained by the Imperium to resist the incursion of warp creatures. When making a focus power test, all psykers suffer a psychic phenomenon on a roll of 90-100. An Unbound psyker adds 10 to the results of the psy phenomenon roll.

 Psykers may push their psy ratings to higher strengths. Unbound psykers can push their psy rating two levels higher. When pushing, a bound psyker causes a psychic phenomenon on a roll of 10-100. Unbound psykers can push their psy rating up to 4 levels higher. They always cause a psy phenomenon when pushing. They must add 5X the level pushed to the psy phenomenon roll.(One level pushed adds 5 to the roll, 4 levels pushed adds 20 to the roll.)

New Psy powers are learned like talents. The character must have the appropriate psy discipline skill and meet the prerequisites for the psy power. the powers must be learned in the order shown in the rulebook for each discipline. Use this conversion guide to convert the prerequisites.
Strength - Strength
Toughness - Endurance
Agility - Athletics
Intelligence - Psyniscience
Perception - Perception
Willpower -Willpower
Psyniscience Rank X - Psyniscince skill of at least Rank X 15

Here is a summary of the psy rules for easy reference.
  • Each Psy discipline is a separate skill. 
  • All focus power attempts are done using this skill. 
  • Psykers may "push" their psy powers to a higher psy rating. Each level pushed costs 1 MP.  
  • The penalty/bonus for using higher or lower psy ratings is ignored.
  • Bound psykers cause a psy phenomenon on a roll on 90 -100 normally or on a 10-100 if pushing. They can push their psy rating two levels. 
  • Unbound psykers cause a psy phenomenon on a roll of 90 -100 normally and always when pushing. They can push their psy rating four levels.
  • Unbound psykers add 10 to all normal psy phenomenon rolls and 5X the level on a pushed roll.
  •  Rogue Psykers are unbound. Disavowed Adepts are bound. 
  • New psi powers are learned using the XP costs and prerequisites listed in the rulebook. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Kill Team Advancement

This article describes how the Kill Team characters advance their skills and talents.

Skill Checks
When a skill is used successfully, the character earns a "check" in the skill.  At the end of the each session the character makes an advancement roll for each checked skill.  Roll D100+INT > the current skill. If successful the skill goes up by 3 otherwise it goes up by 1.

At the end of each adventure the characters will be awarded XP to spend.  It can be spent as follows:

100 xp = Roll an advancement check on any one skill. Only once per skill per adventure.
100xp = Gain a new advanced skill.
200 xp = Gain a new talent.  All talents come from the Dark Heresy 2nd Edition rulebook.
100xp * current stat = raise a stat by 1. Stats cannot be raised past your racial maximum. 
200xp * new psy rating =  Raise your psy rating by one level.
Listed costed = Purchase a new psy power

Gaining Talents
Talents are purchased from the Dark Heresy 2nd edition book. Other talents may be purchased with GM's approval.  Not all the talents will make sense in this conversion. Work with the GM to determine how the Talent should work. The character must meet the prerequisite for the talent. Use the following conversion guide for the prerequisites.

Weapon Skill - Any melee weapon skill
 Ballistic Skill - Any ranged weapon skill
Strength - Strength
Toughness - Endurance
Agility - Athletics
Intelligence - Depends on the talent, usually Tech Use
Perception - Perception
Willpower -Willpower
Fellowship - Deceit or Charm

Friday, March 18, 2016

Post Apocalypse Paladin for DCC

The Brotherhood Paladin
"Steel be with you."
Likes: The Brotherhood, Honor, Hi-tech weaponry
Dislikes: Raiders, mutant monsters, those who attack the Brotherhood.
The Paladins are the defenders of the Brotherhood. They are sent into the wastelands to perform combat operations or escort Scouts and Scribes through hostile territory. Paladins are normally equipped with Power armor and hi-tech weaponry.

This class is adapted from the Paladin in Crawl #6.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kill Team Character Creation

This is a step by step guide for creating a Kill Team character. 

1. Choose a background.
Orks and Kroot
Space Marines 

2. Roll your stats according to your background.

3. Compute Secondary Stats

Damage Bonus
Str + Siz
25 - 32  = +1d4
33 - 40  = +1d6
41 - 48 = +2d6

SAN = Pow X5
Luck = Roll (2d6+5) X5
MP=  Pow
HP=  (Con + Siz/2) +1d6+2

4. Choose a career based on your background. Space Marines do not choose a career. Orks have a few ork specific career.
Orks and Kroot
Space Marines 

5. Computed the listed starting bonus in all basic skills.

6. Spend 100 points on the skills listed in your background.  No skill can be higher than 75%.

7.  Spend 100 points on any skills in your career. No skill can be higher than 75%.

8.  Spend Int X10 points on any skills you like. No skill can be higher than 75%.

9. You receive all gear listed in your background and career.  Each character also gets 1 piece of non-weapon, non-armor gear per 10 points of reputation.

Weapon Skills may be listed as a Weapon Style. For example, the Forsaken has the following weapon skills: Legionnaire (Bolt, Plasma, Melta, Chain, Power, Primitive,Thrown,Unarmed); Two Weapon; Heavy Weapons.  The Legionnaire skill is a weapon style that includes all the listed weapons. Two weapon and Heavy weapons are separate skills.  The Two Weapon skill allows the use of a one handed weapon in each hand. The heavy weapon skill allows the use of a heavy weapons. The character must already have a skill in the weapon to use either of these skills.

The Reputation skill is a special skill that can only be raised with the free points in step 8. This skill represents both the characters reputation among the Kill Teams as well as their personal wealth.
Kill Team Skill List
Kill Team Character Sheet

Monday, March 14, 2016

Garycon 2016

This year I braved the frozen north of Lake Geneva to attend Garycon for the first time. It was a fantastic convention. Each convention I attend inspires me in some way and Garycon was no exception.

Thursday afternoon, I played in +David Baity's excellent Krampus DCC funnel. We were all "bad" kids trying to escape our eternal punishment from Krampus's workshops. Alas, my level zeroes did not survive.

Thursday night +James MacGeorge roped me into playing the Boris Vallejo game he had picked up in the dealer's room that day.  Let's just say it's a much better art piece than a game.

On Friday I had scheduled a Warhammer game. I wasn't sure if it was an RPG or a minis game. It turned out to be a homemade Warhammer fantasy board game. It used the basic Warhammer rules and parts and pieces from Warhammer Quest, Heroquest, and Warhammer fantasy battles. Each player was given a wizard who was randomly teleported into the dungeon of death. The idea was to kill off as many of the other wizards as possible while remaining alive. The GM, who went by the nom de guerre "Smokin Potts," had populated the board with all kinds of random odds and ends. Each one could be interacted with, usually to a deadly effect.  My first wizard teleported in on top of the "infernal machine", which killed him instantly. My second wizard touched a statue of an angel. The first time it healed him. Alas, he went in for a second touch and was lifted up to heaven. My third wizard ruled the board for a short time, but was finally  brought down by the "dance of despair" spell.

  I realized while playing that I could make a 40k version of this game.Warhammer 40k second edition has all these neat psy power and wargear cards, that can be used. I just happen to have one stashed in my closet too.  So yes, my first inspiration from GaryCon is making my own boardgame. Death Hulk! Coming soon to this blog.

Friday night, +Paul Wolfe  ran an excellent game of Black Powder, Black Magic, a weird west game using the DCC rules. I played the Charlatan, who uses tricks and misdirection to make people think he can do magic. I think my next campaign, will be a DCC deadladns game using this and whatever +David Baity is cooking up with Dark Trails.

Saturday was all DCC, all day. First, I ran my Thundarr DCC game for an excellent group of folks including Mr. "Crawling under a Broken Moon" himself, +Reid San Filippo. Afterwards, Reid and I changed spots, and I played in his He-Man inspired post apocalypse game.  Not wanting to stop the DCC run, I jumped right into +Eric Hoffman  and +Jason Hobbs  22 player Black Powder Black Magic game. It was Outlaws vs Townies in the old west. The final showdown had an earth elemental and a toxic gas cloud, as you do, in the weird west.
Sunday, bright and early, I showed up to play a game of Morrow Project. I was interested to see how the GM would run it. The Morrow Project system can be complex. The GM (Kris Vezner) had adapted it to the FUDGE rules. I'd never played FUDGE before. All I knew about it was that it used the + - dice like FATE and was somewhat a predecessor of FATE. The game was great! FUDGE works well and is easy to understand. It got me thinking about all my FATE RPGs. I love the games but the FATE system never clicked for me. I could reverse engineer them as FUDGE! Now I had my second inspiration from the con.

And there you have it, my first Gary con. Now I'm off to make a board game and some FUDGE campaigns.