Wednesday, May 4, 2016

10 things to know about the Kill Team universe

  1. A Kill Team is a group of mercenaries who work for nobles, merchants, rogue traders, and even the Inquisition. They appropriated their name from the legendary Deathwatch Kill Teams.
  2. The Imperium is not all-encompassing. Many human worlds exist independent of the Imperium.
  3. The Imperium is more stable not under constant threat from Xenos and Daemons.  
  4. There are powerful Xenos that live in the warp. These are commonly referred to as Deamons. A Daemon has never been seen in physical form. 
  5. Some of the more powerful Daemons are worshiped as gods. 
  6. Xenos are not killed on sight on Imperial worlds. Eldar, Orks, Kroot, and a few other races travel to imperial worlds that border their space. There is still a high level of xenophobia on both sides.
  7. Starships and warp travel are more accessible and not limited to the military and Rogue Traders.
  8.  Military vessels are cathedral sized ships with thousands of crew. Most other warp capable ships have less than a hundred crew.
  9.  Not all Space Marines are part of a chapter or a worshiper of Chaos. Some marines grow disillusioned with the space marines or the Imperium and leave. 
  10. Very little is known about the Tyranids and Necrons. They are out there. Hiding in the shadows.

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