Friday, July 15, 2016

Converting Metamophsis Alpha Adventures to MCC

 The Mutant Crawl Classics Kickstarter is in it's last 4 days! I already want to start making stuff for the game. The kickstart has funded a whole slew of adventures but we won't see those for a bit.  How about all those great Metamorphosis alpha adventures that came out though!  Those would all make great MCC adventures.  I have to admin, though I love MA I've only played it one time and dont have a good handle on how the stats work.  I'm reaching outr to you for assistance.  Your assistance comes with a reward however! For everyone who contributes I will randomly select one person to win DCC #87 Against the Atomic Overlords! Which is a perfect MCC adventure. International contributors don't be shy!  If you are the winner I'll send you a pdf instead!

So let's hear it!  How would you convert MA stats to MCC? And don't forget to back the Kickstarter before you miss out!

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