Friday, July 15, 2016

Making a Wild West Exodus Army List PDF

Last year, at Gen Con, I discoved Wild West Exodus. WWX is a skirmish wargame set in the old west with a sci-fi twist.  Laser rifles, flying motorcycles, robots, and zombie cyborgs fight for dominance. I was drawn to the awesome models and I love how fast and easy the game is to play.

No purchase required to play the game. The rules and the stat cards for all the units are available for free on the Outlaw games website.  Trust me, your going to want some of the awesome minis.  This model of the Lawmen heavy is what really got me.
Since the stats cards are available in PDF, I came up with a quick and easy way to create an army list that can be either printed or viewed on a tablet device.

1. Download the stats cards from the WWX site.  I use a firefox plug-in called Down ThemAll to make downloading so many files easier.
2. Next open Adobe acrobat or any pdf software that allows combining multiple pdfs into one documents. (Free Adobe reader won't work.)
3. Select combine files into PDF.  In Adobe, make sure you select Options and choose single PDF and large file size.
4. Select the individual pdf stat cards for the army. I'll make an enlightened army. Zombie cyborgs FTW!
5. Select combine files and it will create a single PDF with one card per page.
6. I want more than one card per page, so now go to File-Print
7. In the middle of the print dialog select multiple.
8. I use a custom layout of 2 by 4 cards in portrait. Play around with the layout to suit your needs. For tablet viewing 2 x 2 landscape may be better.  
9. Click Properties and select best quality printing. Click Advanced and select 600 DPI.  This will make sure the cards don't show up blurry in the final pdf.
11. Change the printer to Adobe PDF, so this will print to a new PDF file and select print.
12. Now you have a PDF of your army that can be used on either a table or printed out!

If all this seems like to much work for you, WWX player Poom Pong has put together all the cards in a nice set of PDFs that can be printed out. Enjoy!

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