Monday, August 1, 2016

Death Hulk

Way back in March, when I attended GaryCon, I played a great home-brew board game. It was a mashup of Warhammer Quest, HeroQuest, and Warhammer Fantasy. Each player is a sorcerer dueling each other in a dungeon full of death traps. I thought to myself, "I could do something like this, but use 40k!"  Instead of sorcerers, each player is a psyker. Instead of a dungeon full of traps, the a space hulk full of warp spawned madness. I decided to call it "Death Hulk!"

Death Hulk Rules
Determine initiative, Draw a D10 from a bag. The number displayed on the die is your turn order. 
All players act in initiative order in each phase. 

Zone in (if needed)
Draw a character and gather all wargear and psyker cards. 
Roll randomly for board and board location.

Move Phase
Each character moves up to their move stat in initiative order
Any interaction with a board space costs one movement.
(open a door, mess with a warp gate, etc.)

Shooting Phase
Shoot at any target in range/LOS
Use 40k shooting to hit chart
May Run d6 spaces instead of shooting

Charge/Fight Assault Phase
If an enemy is within your Move range, move into base to base and start an assault.
Use 40k assault charts.
Highest initiative stat (not dice) goes first.

 Psychic Phase
 Roll 1d6 per psyker +1d6 (Eg. For 3 psykers roll 4d6.) This is the number of warp charge cards.
The warp charge cards are distributed in initiative order one at a time. That means lower initiatives may have fewer warp charges.
Psykers use their powers in initiative order.
Only One power can be used then move to the next player.
Continue until all warp charges are expended.

Begin again at zone in.  If anyone has died they re-enter with a new psyker. Continue until you are tired of playing. Winner is the psyker with the most kills. For a shorter game, go until someone has a number of kills equal to the number of players.  (IE 4 kills are needed to win a 4 player game.)

The Psy Power Cards,Warp Charge Cards, and Wargear Cards all come from Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition. Weapon stats are from Necromunda. I'm using the Space hulk board and the Execution force board. The original game used a 20"X20" gridded board with walls and terrain. Use whatever is appropriate. You can simply use normal 40k terrain and measure everything in inches as well. 

Planned Characters
Space Marine Librarian
Eldar Farseer
Squat Psyker
Sanctioned Psyker
Tzeentch Sorcerer
Slaneesh Sorcerer
Nurgle Sorcerer
Khorne Berserker (No psyker powers)
Ork warboss with a weird boy in a sack. 

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