Friday, August 5, 2016

Kill Team Bounty Board

The kill team always has its ear out listening for work and new jobs, working their contacts, listening to secret encrypted sub-space channels, and scanning dark noosphere networks.

Here are the current leads:

An ex-Rogue Trader's Seneschal on Footfall claims to have information that leads to a great treasure ship. The data is for sale to the highest bidder.
The independent world of Skrynne has put put a call for kill team assistance in fighting off an ork invasion. Heavy weapons are a plus.
The first mate, Biff Carco, knows of a derelict ship that his crew were planning to raid 20 years ago. It may still be there. The ship was either Xenos or Archaeotech in design.

The Cold Trade is the very profitable business of smuggling archeotech and xenos artifacts. On hiveworld Desoluem, the imperial authorities are searching for a group of Cold Trade smugglers. If the kill team can find them first, they might be able to "break in" to the business.

On the vortex world of Kymerus, the high priest of the Temple of Lies has sent an Astropathic communique inquiring about hiring your kill team for a specific job.

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