Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Using Reputation in Kill Team

 Reputation is important for the Kill Team. Both the individual characters and the kill team as a whole have a reputation score. The Kill team must maintain their reputation with potential employers, other Kill teams, and their suppliers. The reputation score determines what jobs they are offered, their influence among those groups, and functions as a source of funds. Whenever the Kill team needs to exert their influence or  make a large purchase a skill check is made with the reputation score. Individual characters use their reputation score when making a purchase for themselves or when dealing with their contacts. Reputation is increased when the Kill team successfully completes a job or does something especially noteworthy. 

To make an individual purchase, a character must roll under their reputation score with the following modifiers. A successful roll means the character has acquired one of the item.
Very Rare-30
Extremely Rare-40
Near Unique-50
UniqueGM discretion

The location where the gear is being purchased will also modify the roll. The GM will apply a modifier based on the location. Guns are ubiquitous on a hive world but not so easy to come by on a death world. Having a Peer related to what is being purchased can also help.

 For the Kill team to make a large purchase, such as buying a tank, repair their ship, or hire more crew, use the Kill teams score rather than an individual character's score.The GM will determine if any additional modifiers are needed. If the roll is successful then the Kill Team has made the purchase. In the case of gear, they purchase enough to outfit the entire crew.