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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dragoncon and finshing up #RPGaDay

Tomorrow I head out for my 12th Dragoncon.  I started going in 2001 and since then I've only missed two years.  I skipped 2002 because I bought my first house, and 2007 because my wife and I were on vacation in Scotland.  Dragoncon is a mash-up of every Sci-fi/Fantasy fan-run con.  It's also HUGE.   I've heard it called Sci-Fi Mardi Gras.  These days Dragoncon is a chance to see all my friends that I only get to see at Dragoncon.

Cosplay is big at Dragoncon.  I've gone all out for costumes in the past.   It's a lot of work though.  This year I only have two costumes.   A Star Wars Sith Lord and one of the Stonecutters.   There's a whole bunch of us that dress up as Stonecutters, maybe as many as  seventeen this year.  I probably won't blog till I get back, so I thought I'd finish out #RPGaDay before I head out.

I'm usually  to busy to play any of the scheduled games but  my friends and I have a tradition that I run a game on Thursday afternoon before the con starts.  This year I'm running my friend +Chris Bare's homebrew system set in the world of Thundarr!

Day 26
Coolest Character Sheet

I don't know if any game has ever succeeded in making a truly functional yet graphically pleasing character sheet.  When I was a teenager, I made a post apocalyptic mash-up of Runequest, Call of Cthulhu and Aftermath.  Here's the character sheet for it. This is my favorite for the sheer home brew awesomeness.

Day 27
Game you'd like to see a new edition of.

I'd like to see a new edition of Ars Magica.  I started running it with 3rd edition.  I never ran fourth or fifth edition, but I read both of them. Fifth edition came out in 2004 so it's due for an update. The covenant building and troupe style campaign in Ars Magica engages players in a way that no other game I've ran has done.

Day 28
Scariest Game you've ever played.

I can honestly say that I've never been scared while playing an RPG.   Sitting around a table with 6 other people with dice, character sheets,and drinks doen'ts really set that "scary" tone.  I've even tried to do scary in my Call of Cthulhu games.  The players usually respond with a hail of gunfire, or failing that they set the scary thing on fire. 

Day 29
Most Memorable Encounter

This has got to be the "dynamite-in-the-pants" encounter from my old Deadlands game.  I wrote about it in an earlier entry.   Here it is again so you don't have to follow any links. 

In a Deadlands game, one character was an old coot prospector.  He had a penchant for dynamite. He and another player were trapped in a jail cell by a vampire. The conversation went something like this:

Me: “You are in the back of the jail, the vampire is blocking the only way out.”
Prospector: “Is the Vampire wearing pants?”
Me: “Uhm…Yes?”
Prospector: ” I stick my lit dynamite in his pants and dive under the cot in the jail cell.”
Texas Ranger: “You WHAT?!”
Vampire explodes, players barely survive.

Day 30
Rarest RPG Owned

I own a 1st edition AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide and an early printing of the Holmes D&D rulebook.  I would  have to do some research to see what was the more rare, but I think those two may just be the "oldest"  and not the most rare.  My rarest RPG is most likely my Aftermath boxed set.  It was published later than the others but had a smaller print run.

Day 31
Favorite RPG of all time.

Dungeons and Dragons in all it's many forms.  My players are already wanting to try out 5th edition. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

#RPGaDay Day 22, 23, 24 and 25

Day 22
Best Second Hand RPG Purchase

I am a Half-Price Books hawk.  I routinely drive to multiple locations to check  and see if they have any good stuff.  I'd have to say my best purchase was finding every single Gamma World adventure at a Half-Price Books a few years back.

Day 23
Coolest Looking RPG Book

Hands down, the DCC RPG rulebook.  I go back and look at this book all the time just for the artwork.

Day 24
Most Complicated Rpg Owned

Well that's an easy one.  Aftermath, the Post Apocalypse RPG from FGU.   I'm convinced there is no way to learn this game from the book.  It was taught to me by my high school GM, who had it taught to him.   I'm not sure I could even run it now.

Day 25
Favorite RPG no one else wants to play.

I don't have a good one for this.  My players are awesome. They'll try anything a few times at least.  I think the only games that died and never returned were Dark Heresy and the D&D 4E Gamma World. (Dark Heresy came back even.)  I'm running a DCC rpg game but I'd kinda like to play in one. I was scheduled to play in one at a local store but it's been indefinitely postponed.   

Thursday, August 21, 2014

#RPGaDay Days 19, 20 and 21

Day 19
Favorite Published Adventure: Lost Caverns of Tsjocanth

My all time favorite old school D&D adventure.  Not quite sure why this is my favorite.  I like that it's a hex-crawl that becomes a dungeon.  I also like how rooted it is in Greyhawk lore.  I can't wait till my Swords and Wizardry players are high enough to go through it.  I've already been seeding clues about it in the campaign.

Day 20
Game I will still play in 20 years:  Dungeons and Dragons.

I have been playing Dungeon and Dragons in one form or another for 34 years.  I doubt that will change in the next 20.  

Day 21
Favorite Licensed RPG - Star Wars Edge of the Empire

Dark Heresy is the one that I've run the most.  I've either run four campaigns or one really long one depending on how you look at it.  I don't really like it though.  As I've said before the rules are terrible and overly complex.  I'm going to go with Star Wars Edge of the Empire. My regular group dropped Dark Heresy after 1 adventure.  They seem to like Star Wars a lot more.